Essential Oils can be confusing, with Penn + Olive they don't have to be. Products with roller tops, proper dilution and clear product names, we're here to make things easy. Packaging is sleek and sturdy. Metal balls keep oil from leaking and specific carrier oils used to make a little go a long way.


The therapeutic benefits of essential oils are endless. You are encouraged to do research on all the oils you see listed on this site to see how they will work for you. Each blend has specific oils meant to target the name of that oil. CALM has a combination of 13 different oils that work synergistically to provide relaxation and ease. LOVE is meant to open the heart, and provide a sense of joy to give and receive love. FOCUS was developed to create an open mind at the third eye while at the same time grounding the body to facilitate clear mental direction. SLEEP is meant to prepare you for a deep restful sleep, simple as that.

The essential oils used at Penn + Olive are sourced from the highest quality distilleries form all around the world. Most essential oils are certified organic or wild grown and the ingredients used are either cold pressed or steam distilled.

Ashley Walker

I have always been seeking the most natural and healthy way to treat my body ever since I can remember. When I discovered the wide variety of benefits that essential oils can provide, it changed my life. Oils became my medicine, my skincare and the topic of many of my recent conversations. Penn + Olive is my way to share these oils with the people I love. I hope these simple blends can help take the uncertainty out of using these powerful plant ingredients. There is SO much you can do with essential oils, and hopefully keeping these little blends in your pocket is just the start. I hope to help expose some of the beautiful benefits of oils in the simplest way possible.

-Ashley Walker

Founder + Formulator for Penn + Olive

Reiki Master & Karuna Reiki II Practitioner 

200 hr RYT - Vinyasa & Restorative Yoga



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