4 Pack Gift Set

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4 Pack Gift Set

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Set of 4 oils comes in 3 sizes. Ready to use, easy and sturdy metal roller and properly diluted with a carrier oil.

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Each oil provides a different benefit and the complex combination of them allows for a sense of calm to be used any time of the day. The scent is very woodsy and grounding but is also smooth and light.

Warm floral undertones with a citrus top note. This oil is used to uplift and open the heart.

Cooling with a bit of spice, the scent is rounded out with a natural woodiness. Used for both physical and mental focus.

Very relaxing this light fresh blend prepares you for a deep restful night’s sleep.

CAUTION: Always do your own research on essential oils and do a small patch test on your skin before using too much. Each oil is safely diluted for a healthy adult, but we always suggest LOW and SLOW until you know how each blend works with you!

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