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Gives a cooling feeling with a bit of spice, the scent is rounded out with a natural woodiness. Used for both physical and mental FOCUSA blend of essential oils including Bergamot, frankincense, and vetiver. 

Bergamot: with a cooling and refreshing fragrance it is known for it’s balancing effects on mental clarity.

Frankincense: this renowned oil is known for it’s sacred use of opening up the mind space making it ideal for creating a meditative state of focus.

Vetiver: A grounded oil for those who need to focus – whether it be intellectual or physical focus is needed.

To Use:

Shake well. Spray into room or space to recieve therapuetic benefits of your blend. Can also be sprayed onto sheets, fabrics and safe to spray on skin.

Distilled Water, Witch Hazel Organic Frankincense*, Organic Bergamot*, Organic Vetiver*, Organic Patchouli*, and Organic Lavender*
*100 % Pure Therapeutic grade essential oil

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