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Holiday Party with Medium Lisa Mercier

Join us for a night of mediumship and essential oil remedies! Get your Christmas shopping done and connect with your loved ones on the other side. Lisa will share her unique intuitive talents with you and engage everyone in a group reading. Lisa Mercier is a Medium, Intuitive, and Reiki Master. She is certified through Dr. Anne Reith's IMPART Certification Program for Professional Psychics, Mediums, and Healers. Growing up she could sense the energy of spirit everywhere she went but was not sure what to make of it. As she got older and more involved in her career in the criminal justice field, Spirit began knocking. Lisa could no longer ignore their presence and decided to come to terms with the reality that she could in fact communicate with souls that had passed. Her abilty to connect to Spirit as a way to help heal those in the present is incredible. You won't want to miss this night!

Reserve your spot at Lisa's discounted holiday price and email today!