Dilution + the perfect blend

Penn + Olive makes it a priority to create products that are safe and expertly blended. Essential oils are strong and should be treated with respect. When I first got into using essential oils, it was truly confusing to me. I wanted to start a brand that not only took away that confusion but also took away any concern about their safety. Because essential oils are so strong and concentrated they have a very beneficial therapeutic gain. As with any therapy, too much of a good thing can actually begin to work against you. When you put essential oils straight onto the skin, the body uses the small amount that is needed and then filters the rest through the liver. Over time, as you use essential oils daily, this begins to build up in the body and the liver starts to get overtaxed. This extra work can be avoided just simply by diluting your essential oils with a carrier such as coconut, sunflower, grapeseed or any other type of fattier oil.

On top of that you need to know which essential oils work well together in order to create the desired outcome. Do you need more sleep? Lavender works okay, but you know what works fantastic? A very intricate and specific formula that includes lavender, cedarwood and vetiver. I spent months on every single blend I made to create the blend that worked perfect for its desired intention. One drop can change everything.

These two things: blends + necessary dilution were the two reasons Penn + Olive began. Before I studied the intricacies of essential oils, these two concepts were very daunting. I would hate for that hurtle to deter people from using such a powerful holistic plant powerhouse such as essential oils. You can always rest assured that Penn + Olive will keep you safe as every product is expertly blended and safely diluted to obtain the therapy daily.

-Ashley Walker

Founder + Formulator for Penn + Olive

Reiki Master & Karuna Reiki II Practitioner 

200 hr RYT - Vinyasa & Restorative Yoga