Product Reviews

Everyone reacts to essential oils differently. In fact day to day I crave different blends at different times. The descriptions of each blend are the general uses for the specific essential oils in the blends for most people. However, here you will find how others use and react to each blend. If you have something to share please email your review to to have your review printed on this page!

Samantha, Laguna Niguel, CA

"CALM is my favorite oil blend currently I can not get enough of it on my body! I use this oil not only when I want to slow down and reconnect, but throughout the day and it truly evens out my energy. I took this oil traveling to South America with me and shared the oil with many different types of personalities and each and every one of them loved it! I used the oil before each of my flights and it calmed my nerves and allowed me to get a nice nap in. I highly recommend this oil for anyone. The smell alone will win you over, but it does so much more and really clams the heart energy and allows you to become centered with peace. 

ROOTS oil is out of this world powerful! I am a grounded individual and this oil took me to a whole other level, which allowed me to become even more in touched with my spiritual side. The smell is wonderful and the grounding powers this blend has is amazing! If you want to feel more grounded or to connect to your surroundings in a whole new way this is the oil for you! 

Sleep oil is a nice relaxing blend that I have used mostly traveling only so far. I took it with me traveling through South America and it was a gift to have such a beautifully powerful oil while away. The nights I had some trouble sleeping this oil helped knock me right out!"  Raw&Beautiful     

Ashley H, Orange County, CA

"Ashley Walker does an amazing job at creating unique and special essential oil blends. I have been using Penn & Olive's FOCUS Blend every day and I feel calmer and more grounded. The smell of it is amazing and it is great to put on in the morning or before bed. I'm so excited that I found an essential oil company that smells amazing and makes it super easy to use with a roll on bottle! The ways to use these oils are endless and they smell great!! I have had friends who purchased the other oils and have tried those as well, the Roots Blend and Calm Blend are awesome!"

Jessica Nevins, Laguna Niguel, CA

"As someone who tends to get distracted easily, Penn & Olive's FOCUS oil was a Godsend for me!  I first tried it when I was working on a project.  I was blown away with the results!  I was able to stay on task, which created a much more productive day for me.  I use it all the time now -- it's been a game changer for me and my business!
As an entrepreneur, I have a million things going through my head at any given time, which can cause undue tension and stress.  When I started using Penn & Olive's CALM oil, it was the answer to my prayers.  Especially at night, when I would find it challenging to wind down, I would put some Calm on my temples and my wrists and found it made me much more peaceful.  I have also found it has amazing healing properties as well for any areas in my body that are experiencing tension.  It loosens up muscles.  Aaah!  It's wonderful to put on before a bubble bath too.  It's the perfect solution to create a more relaxed state.
Sometimes my life gets really busy and I forget to take time out for me.  I bought the LOVE oil to make me more present to self-care.  Not only did it invoke a deeper sense of self-love within me, I found that it somehow filled me up with some heavenly goodness, making it easier to emanate a more loving energy to others.  Penn & Olive's Love oil just makes me happy.  It's very uplifting for your mood and helps you to embrace unconditional love."

Lisa Mercier, Orange, CA

"I use the CALM blend almost daily and I LOVE it. I carry it in my purse so it's always on hand. I love to use it when I feel out of sorts or when my mind can't seem to slow down. I also apply the oil to my temples and hairline when I have a headache and it works wonders!  This blend is heaven!" @mediumlisamercier

Hallie Stephens, Los Angeles, CA ~ Instagram: @hallie_stephens

"As a producer and host of entertainment news, "calm" is much sought after and difficult to master. In a quest for zen, I purchased Penn & Olive’s 2mL “CALM” and was instantaneously pleased with the results. In the evening, after long hours of breaking news, fast-paced interactions, and  tight deadlines, I apply this soothing oil blend on my wrists, feet and under my nose. The scent is lovely and soothing, with hints of lavender, patchouli, and vetiver that bring me back to neutral. Bonus Points (1): The small (and adorable) packaging makes it easy to tote around for those emergency moments. Bonus Points (2):  My man loves the way it smells ;) <3 "


"I fall asleep every night with a little CALM essential oil on my wrists and temples and feet. It smells so amazing and unique, and trust me I’ve tried every oil and product under the sun! I’m immediately relaxed and feel like I just had a day at the spa. I recently purchased the LOVE essential oil and it makes me so happy. I was skeptical that these scents would do anything, but I can honestly say it makes me feel better and happier just from rolling on a little oil."