CLEAN IT - spray


CLEAN IT - spray

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The combination of these bacterial fighting essential oils is exactly what your yoga mat needs after a sweaty practice. Can also be used to clean gym equipment, couches, car seats the list goes on!


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Use to clean

  • yoga mat

  • gym equipment

  • car seats

  • bed sheet between washes

  • couch

  • carpet

  • rugs

To Use:

Shake up and spray onto yoga mat. Let sit on yoga mat for a few minutes to clean and disinfect. Then wipe down with clean towel to dry off. Use as needed. Can also be used on carpet, couches and other fabric furniture before vaccuuming to clean and disinfect!

Ingredients: Distilled water, Witch hazel, Organic Lavender*, Organic Tea Tree*, Organic Narrow Leaf Eucalyptus*
*100% pure therapeutic grade essential oil

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